Flower offering ceremony at the Kashihara Shrine

May 20, 2016Flower offering ceremony at the Kashihara Shrine

On May 5th, 2016, a flower offering ceremony was performed by the Headmaster Designate, Senko Ikenobo, at the Kashihara Shrine in Kashihara city, Nara prefecture, as a part of 2600th Imperial memorial ceremony of Jinmu Emperor.

The Headmaster Designate, Mr. Masafumi Ikenobo, Secretary-General of the Ikenobo Headquarters and Ikenobo Society of Floral Art, and about 260 Ikenobo disciples made a procession from the front gate towards the main hall.


We were honored to have Mr. Masataka Kubota, head priest of the Kashihara Shrine, who participated in the flower offering ceremony. Rikka, Ikenobo’s most traditional style, arrangement by the Headmaster Designate, using pine tree, Iris ensata, and mock-orange, was offered before the altar inside the Main hall.


In addition to the flower offering ceremony, the Ikenobo Ikebana Exhibition by members from Nara prefecture was held at Bunka-den hall inside the Kashihara Shrine sanctuary. The Headmaster Designate and Mr. Masafumi Ikenobo viewed each arrangement and provided comments.

  • Flower offering ceremony by the Headmaster Designate
  • Ikenobo Ikebana exhibition at Bunka-den Hall
  • Traditional classic Rikka arrangement by the Headmaster Designate