Ikenobo Events in Monaco

Jun 15, 2018Ikenobo Events in Monaco

Ikenobo held events in Monaco from 9th to 11th June 2018. Mrs. Senko Ikenobo, the Headmaster Designate of Ikenobo, Mr. Masafumi Ikenobo, the Secretary General of Ikenobo Society of Floral Art visited Monaco with 53 Ikenobo Japanese members.


On 10th and 11th June 2018, in Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo, Mrs. Senko Ikenobo displayed a grand Free-style arrangement in the Lobby “Jardin d’Hiver” and Prof. Yukei Miura arranged a grand Suno-no-mono in the Entrance. There were also 6 ikebana arrangements made by Japanese members decorating at the corridor of the Hotel. All the arrangements attracted the guests of the Hotel and made an impression on people in Monaco.


In the afternoon of 10th June, in Café de Paris, Mrs. Senko Ikenobo presented the ikeban demonstration. She invited the guests to write their wishes on papers and decorated the papers on the arrangement, completing the ikebana. Mrs. Senko Ikenobo introduced the culture of Japan and sprit of ikebana by her 6 enchanting arrangements. After the demonstration, Prof. Yukei Miura performed the traditional Reishiki-ike style by Monaco local Hydrangea. H.E. Mr. Patrick Medecin, Ambassador of Monaco to Japan, Mr. Eric Benchimol, General Honorary Consul of Japan in Monaco and Mr. André J. Campana, Deputy Mayor of Monaco also attended and appreciated the demonstration. The full-house demonstration was successful.


After the demonstration, the banquet was held in the same Hall at Café de Paris. All the members from Japan and members from France, Netherland, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Belgium enjoyed a pleasant moment. Mrs. Senko Ikenobo and Prof. Yukei Miura received the gifts from H.E. Mr. Patrick Medecin, Mr. Eric Benchimol and Mr. André J. Campana and took memorial pictures.


Through the events this time, Ikenobo introduced the traditional culture of Japan to people in Monaco. The spirit of Ikenobo ikebana crossed the national border, building the friendship between Japan and Monaco.


  • Free-style by Mrs. Senko Ikenobo
  • Suna-no-mono by Prof. Yukei Miura
  • Arrangements by members from Japan
  • Demonstration by Mrs. Senko Ikenobo
  • Reishiki-ike performance by Prof. Yukei Miura
  • A full house demonstration
  • Speech by Mrs. Senko Ikenobo in the Banquet
  • Memorial Pictures with Guests in Monaco