Television Program Interview of Headmaster Designate of Ikenobo

Jun 26, 2018Television Program Interview of Headmaster Designate of Ikenobo

The interview of Mrs. Senko Ikenobo, the Headmaster Designate of Ikenobo will be broadcast on NHK WORLD program “Direct Talk.”


“Direct Talk” focuses on the person who is active in various fields of Japanese Art or Culture and analyzes his or her characteristic through the interview. The interviewee can also convey messages to the world directly through the program.


“Ikebana” and “Ikenobo” are attracting people’s attention in the world now. Through the interview of Mrs. Senko Ikenobo, you will enrich your understanding of “Ikenobo ikebana.” Please don’t miss it.


◇NHK WORLD ”Direct Talk”


First broadcasting


Tokyo:26th June (Tue.) 20:40~
New York:7:40~


Hong Kong:19:40~

(The broadcasting time in New York and London is the summer time.)


Rebroadcasting 1


Tokyo:30th June (Sat.) 18:35~
New York:5:35~


Hong Kong:17:35~


Rebroadcasting 2


Tokyo:1st July (Sun.) 5:40~
New York:30th June (Sat.) 16:40~

London:30th June (Sat.) 21:40~

Hong Kong:1st July (Sun.) 4:40~


・For other countries or areas, please convert the broadcasting time by the time difference between Japan and your country.


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