2016 Ikenobo Autumn “Tanabata” Exhibition “The Power of Flower”

Nov 25, 20162016 Ikenobo Autumn “Tanabata” Exhibition “The Power of Flower”

Next year, Ikenobo will celebrate the 555th year since the name Ikenobo first appeared in historic records and the 1430th year of Rokkakudo Temple’s establishment.

The power of plants which stretches to the sky and keeps growing everyday supports Kado to overcome difficult times, handing down its skill and heart from generation to generation.

With the title “The Power of Flower,” the 2016 Ikenobo Autumn Tanabata Exhibition was successfully held from Nov. 9 to 14 at Kyoto Takashimaya Department Store and from Nov. 11 to 14 at Ikenobo Headquarters.


At the exhibition site of Kyoto Takashimaya Department Store, viewers appreciated large arrangements by the Headmaster, Headmaster Designate and about 400 arrangements made by Ikebana artists throughout Japan.

And about 1200 arrangements were exhibited at the Ikenobo Headquarters.


≪SPECIAL FEATURE≫ The World of the Movie “Hana-ikusa Flower Wars” was held at Takashimaya Dept. Store.

The movie “Hana-ikusa Flower Wars” describes the story of Senko Ikenobo Ⅰwho sought for peace through flowers instead of swords during the Period of Warring States and will be on the big screen in Japan in the summer of 2017.

In the Exhibition, the ikebana scene in the movie which is set in Rokkakudo Temple, the film-making video and the movie props were displayed.

Before showing on the big screen, visitors could first appreciate the world of the movie in the Exhibition.