Headmaster Sen’ei Ikenobo

Headmaster Sen’ei Ikenobo
華道家元 四十五世 池坊尊永

Ikebana, bringing light and hope to people’s hearts.

In 2012 Ikenobo celebrated the 550th year since the name of Senkei Ikenobo, a master who refined ikebana, first appeared in the historic record “Hekizan Nichiroku,” in 1462. This celebration was indeed the result of the spirit and art of Ikenobo continuing to be passed from teacher to student, person to person, and that people have continued arranging ikebana to match the spirit of the times.


I am truly grateful for the devotion given by our ancestors during these 550 years of passing on and promoting Ikenobo ikebana. And it is my pleasure to have commemorated this important occasion with all of you. I hope we can further pursue the spirit and art of Ikenobo for many years to come. Carrying on the efforts and enthusiasm of our ancestors who responded to the changes of their times, we will do our best so that the values of Ikenobo will be more broadly recognized in our contemporary age.

SEN'EI IKENOBO Forty-fifth Generation Ikenobo Headmaster SEN'EI IKENOBO
Forty-fifth Generation Ikenobo Headmaster

Born in Kyoto in 1933. Sen’ei Ikenobo inherited the title of 45th Generation Ikenobo Headmaster at age 11 upon his father’s sudden passing. After an intensive training on Mt. Hiei, he assumed the position of Head Priest at the Shiunzan Chohoji Temple (Rokkakudo).


Based on the tradition and spirit of ikebana, he introduced new ikebana not dependent on previous forms, creating shoka shimputai and rikka shimputai to harmonize with contemporary life. Actively pursuing international cross-cultural communication through ikebana and he has contributed to education and dissemination of ikebana inside and outside Japan.

1933 Born, Kyoto, Japan, eldest son of 44th generation Ikenobo Headmaster, Sen’i Ikenobo
1945 Upon the death of his father, succeeds to the position of 45th Ikenobo Headmaster.Takes solemn vow as a Buddhist priest
1953 Assumes the position of Head Priest, Rokkakudo Temple, Kyoto, Japan
1956 Graduation from Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan
1962 Makes first of many visits to Europe, the Americas and Southeast Asia
1971 Awarded Dark-blue Ribbon Medal by the Japanese Government Awarded the “Orden Academico de San Francisco” by the Government of Brazil
1974 First one-man show of ikebana at Tokyo Ginza Matsuzakaya Department Store
1977 Creates new style of ikebana,“Shoka Shimputai”
1985 Created a huge ikebana work for the stage at the Tsukuba International Exposition, Tsukuba, Japan
1994 Awarded “Ordem Nacional do Cruzeiro do Sul” in the rank of Commander by the Government of Brazil
1999 Creates new style of ikebana,“Rikka Shimputai”
2003 Demonstration in Moscow, and demonstration as part of cultural events celebrating the 300th Anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg, Russia
2005 Exhibition in Tokyo celebrating the 60th anniversary of his becoming the Headmaster. Received a visit by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi
2006 Awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon by the Japanese Government, for meritorious cultural contributions
2010 Received an award from the City of Kyoto as a Person of Cultural Merit
2013 Received the Kyoto Prefecture Culture Prize Eminent Merits Prize
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