2015 Ikenobo Autumn “Tanabata” Exhibition       “The Promise of New Life”

Jan 21, 20162015 Ikenobo Autumn “Tanabata” Exhibition       “The Promise of New Life”

With the title “The Promise of New Life,” the 2015 Ikenobo Autumn Tanabata Exhibition was successfully held from Nov. 11 to 16 at Kyoto Takashimaya Department Store and from Nov. 13 to 16 at Ikenobo Headquarters.


In 2015 the Forty-fifth Generation Headmaster Sen’ei Ikenobo celebrated the 70th anniversary of his becoming Headmaster. Also, from this exhibition Headmaster Designate Yuki Ikenobo formally took the name Senko Ikenobo IV and has started her ikebana activities as “Headmaster Designate Senko Ikenobo.”


At the exhibition site of Kyoto Takashimaya Department Store, viewers appreciated large arrangements by the Headmaster. The achievements of Senko Ikenobo I, II and III were introduced and reproductions of their arrangements were displayed.  Using her new formal name, Headmaster Designate Senko Ikenobo also displayed an arrangement for the first time.


At the Ikenobo Headquarters, in addition to many exhibits, visitors enjoyed Special Events such as “Hana no Koshien” (Live Ikebana Competition for High School Students).

  • Ribbon cutting ceremony at Takashimaya Dept. Store
  • Entrance of the Exhibition site of Takashimaya Dept. Store
  • The large arrangement of the Headmaster
  • The arrangement of Headmaster Designate
  • Various ikebana arrangements at Takashimaya Dept. Store
  • “Hana no Koshien” Competition
  • All of the participants of “Hana no Koshien” Competition