The demonstration, exhibition and workshop held in Switzerland

Oct 2, 2017The demonstration, exhibition and workshop held in Switzerland

Ikenobo Bern Study Group invited Prof. Shunso Kobayashi to conduct demonstration, exhibition and workshop from 13th to 18th September, 2017. The Embassy of Japan in Switzerland collaborated the events.


On 13th September, in the demonstration held at the hall of the Embassy, Prof. Kobayashi arranged 12 ikebana works. 90 audiences including Mr. Ivo Bischofberger, the President of Council of States enjoyed the detailed explanation and fantastic ikebana works. After the demonstration, a reception was held. The participants of the demonstration talked to each other joyfully.


During 14th to 18th September, Prof Kobayashi conducted the workshops for members of Bern Study Group and members from Zurich and Germany at Culture Centre of the Embassy. Every participants learned a lot from Prof. Kobayashi’s excellent lecture and suggestion of the arrangements. The atmosphere of the workshops was filled with harmony.


From 15th to 17th September, some of the arrangements that Prof. Kobayashi and participants of workshops created during demonstrations and workshops were displayed to the public at Japan Information and Cultural Centre. 100 guests attended the opening ceremony on 15th September and 300 guests went to enjoy the Exhibition in the three days. All of the public could appreciate the beautiful arrangements and view the video introducing the history of Ikenobo.


All of the events were extremely successful. Through the events, people in Switzerland had more chances to undertand Ikenobo ikebana. The relationship between Ikenobo Bern Study Group and Embassy of Japan in Switzerland is even more deeper than before.


  • Demonstration of Prof. Kobayashi
  • All of the audiences enjoyed the moment of demonstration
  • Picture with Mr. Ivo Bischofberger, the President of Council of States, Ambassador Honda and Mrs. Honda
  • The exhibiton
  • The opening of the exhibition (Picture provided by Embassy of Japan in Switzerland)
  • Every one enjoyed the workshop
  • Picture with the members of Bern Study Group