Men’s Group of Ikenobo Ikebana Artists “IKENOBOYS”

Jul 7, 2018Men’s Group of Ikenobo Ikebana Artists “IKENOBOYS”

To widely promote and spread the magnificence of Ikenobo ikebana, a traditional culture of Japan, one men’s group of Ikenobo ikebana artists called “IKENOBOYS” gathered on November 2016.


Two new members joined the “IKENOBOYS” group on July 7th, 2018. The 7 members are now active in all kinds of ikebana performances, workshops and media programs, conveying the beautiful art form of Ikenobo ikebana to people.


Official Website of IKENOBOYS (Japanese only)


Official Instagram of IKENOBOYS


✿Introduction of IKENOBOYS Members

  • Masakazu Kakizawa (Nickname: Anthony)
    Birthday: 4th December
    Residence: Hirosima Prefecture
    Favorite flower: rabbit ear iris
    Hobby: going to the gym and the spa
    Special skill: decluttering (sometimes I just do it too much)
    Occupation: Researcher for the Ikenobo Central Training Institute
  • Makoto Fujii
    Birthday: 5th March
    Residence: Kyoto
    Favorite flower: azalea
    Hobby: visiting Japanese castles and enjoying delicious local food
    Special skill: reciting sutras and being able to fall asleep anyplace
    Occupation: Instructor of the Ikenobo Junior College
  • Kazuya Yatagai
    Birthday: 25th September
    Residence: Tokyo
    Favorite flower: sunflower
    Hobby: watching anime and playing games
    Special skill: If I have visited a place I can remember where it is without a map and easily find it again
    Occupation: Photographer
  • Atuhito Egi
    Birthday: 22nd December
    Residence: Okayama Prefecture
    Favorite flowers: daffodil, cosmos and cyperus
    Hobby: gardening, appreciating the arts and driving
    Special skill: Japanese calligraphy (7th level)
    Occupation: Curator
  • Kousuke Makabe
    Birthday: 10th January
    Residence: Tokyo
    Favorite flower: narcissus
    Hobby: swimming, cycling, motorbike, snowboarding, surfing and watching sports
    Special skill: swimming and conversation
    Occupation: College student
  • Tanaka Nobuaki
    Birthday: 26th August
    Residence: Aichi Prefecture
    Favorite flowers: rabbit ear iris and cherry blossoms
    Hobby: learning ikebana and Sado; visiting Japanese sweets shops and gardens in Kyoto; and going to the gym
    Special skill: sports
    Occupation: Carpenter and Model
  • Katou Kazuma
    Birthday: 5th December
    Residence: Tokyo
    Favorite flowers: columbine, bellflower and rabbit ear iris
    Hobby: camping, outdoor activities and cars
    Special skill: English conversation, making a fire and survival skills
    Occupation: Florist and Floral artist