Ikenobo Bangkok Chapter 30th Anniversary

Jul 19, 2019Ikenobo Bangkok Chapter 30th Anniversary

Ikenobo Bangkok Chapter 30th Anniversary was held at Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok on 13th July. Mr. Sen’ei Ikenobo, the Headmaster of Ikenobo was displayed a Rikka-shimputai arrangement and Mr. Takashi Moribe, the Professor of Ikenobo Central Training Institute was displayed a Rikka-shofutai arrangement in the Exhibition. There were 65 ikebana arrangements presented by members of Ikenobo Bangkok Chapter and members from Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. All of the arrangements were unique and lighten up the Venue. All of the guest including Mr. Shigeki Kobayashi, Counsellor of Embassy of Japan in Thailand enjoyed and were astonished by the high quality Exhibition.


The Luncheon was also held at the same Hotel on the same day. 200 guests celebrated the Anniversary together, enjoying the traditional “Reishiki-ike” performance by Prof. Moribe and had a pleasant conversation as well.


On 15th July, Ikenobo ikebana lecture and demonstration by the Headmaster Sen’ei Ikenobo was held at the Ambassador’s Residence. The Headmaster presented an intelligible and pleasant lecture to express the way of observing plants and also explained what is the culture of spirit and the culture of brain (creating technology or invention). Also, he created 7 arrangements in the demonstration. After the demonstration of the Headmaster, Prof. Moribe also arranged 3 ikebana. The lecture and demonstration had met with an enthusiastic reception from all the 100 audiences.


On 16th July, Prof. Moribe conducted a workshop for members of Bangkok Chapter. All the participants learned much from the Professor and enjoyed a fruitful day.


Through the events this time, Ikenobo introduced the traditional culture of Japan to people in Thailand. The deep spirit of Ikenobo ikebana and heart with harmony has built the friendship between Japan and Thailand.

  • Arrangement of Headmaster Sen'ei Ikenobo
  • Arrangement of Prof. Takashi Moriba
  • Headmaster's viewing of all the arrangements in the Exhibition
  • Traditional "Reishiki-ike" presented by Prof. Takashi Moribe
  • Group Photograph
  • Lecture of Headmaster Sen'ei Ikenobo
  • Demonstration of Headmaster Sen'ei Ikenobo
  • Demonstration of Prof. Takashi Moribe