Celebration of the Ikenobo Hunan Province Study Group’s Establishment

Dec 17, 2019Celebration of the Ikenobo Hunan Province Study Group’s Establishment

The opening ceremony of the Exhibition celebrating Ikenobo Hunan Province Study Group’s establishment was held at Family PARK Mall in Changsha City of Hunan Province, China on 14th December 2019. Mrs. Senko Ikenobo, the Headmaster Designate of Ikenobo gave a speech at the ceremony, expressing ikebana which found its way into Japan from China is the bridge between China and Japan. Although Mr. Naohiro Tsutsumi, the minister of Embassy of Japan couldn’t come to the Exhibition, his speech was read in the ceremony.


The Theme of the Exhibition was “Bond.” 60 ikebana arrangements created by Ikenobo members in China and Japan were displayed. After the ceremony, Mrs. Senko Ikenobo, Headmaster Designate and Mr. Masafumi Ikenobo, the General Secretary of Ikenobo Society of Floral Art viewed all the arrangements and had a pleasant communication with all members who arranged the ikebana in the Exhibition.


In the afternoon of the opening ceremony, Demonstration of Mrs. Senko Ikenobo was held at Grand Hyatt Changsha. The venue was a full house with 200 guests. Mrs. Senko Ikenobo presented a speech about the inspiration from Nature and gave demonstration, arranging 2 Rikka and 1 Shoka. In the final part of the Demonstration, Mrs. Senko Ikenobo invited the guests to complete a large Free-style arrangement together. The atmosphere of the venue was lively. Guests were especially touched by the phrases from Mrs. Senko Ikenobo about japanese cedar which used in the Free-style arrangement to express the development and prosperity of Hunan Province Study Group.


The Banquet was held at the same Hotel in the night. 50 Ikenobo members from China participated. Mr. Masafumi Ikenobo expressed that all the events are heart-touching and ikebana will become a part of Chinese members’ lives. Finally, all the members sang “Song of Ikenobo” together and enjoyed the wonderful night.


The events held in Changsha City by Ikenobo Hunan Province opened a new opportunity and ikebana will be introduced more widely in China in the future.