Grand Ikebana Arrangement “Flower for Praying” by Headmaster Sen’ei Ikenobo

Mar 11, 2020Grand Ikebana Arrangement “Flower for Praying” by Headmaster Sen’ei Ikenobo

The grand ikebana arrangement of Headmaster Sen’ei Ikenobo is displayed at the entrance of Takashimaya Department in Nihonbashi, Tokyo from 11th to 17th March.


In the interview, the Headmaster expressed his thought as follows:


“Many people feel anxious because of the Corona Virus outbreak. I hope the outbreak will end as soon as possible and arrange this ikebana. The visitors of Rokkakudo Temple in Kyoto tie the Mikuji (fortune slip) to branches of weeping willow with their praying and wish. I used the weeping willow of Rokkakudo Temple as a motif and arranged weeping cherry blossom, signifying the coming of Spring. I wish visitors will face the flowers and enjoy the arrangement with their own thoughts.”


The grand arrangement used large weeping willow, weeping cherry blossom, painted maple, Forsythia and spiraea. Please appreciate the cherry blossom’s color turning from white to pink day by day.


【Comment of the Arrangement】


“Flower for Praying”


Ikenobo ikebana began from the flower offerings to the Buddhist alter of Rokkakudo Temple. No matter how many difficulties happened, the power of flower keeps giving people hope and peace from ancient time to nowadays. This time, I arranged the “Flower of Praying,” wishing that ikebana will invigorate regional communities, providing peace to the world and offer happiness to people.


No matter under what kind of situation, as the rising sun, Ikenobo ikebana is always brightening people’s heart, giving warm light and providing courage to move forward. In Ikenobo ikebana, there is strength that shines on future.