Visit Ikebana Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland

Dec 9, 2020Visit Ikebana Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland

Report from Geneva, Switzerland.


Geneva Study Group held an exhibition from October 9th to 11th at Maison Chauvet-Lullin in Vernier, Geneva. 22 members from the Study Group which was the almost same number as in usual exhibitions, participate the exhibition even during the pandemic.


The theme of the exhibition in local language was Libérons notre joie de vivre avec l’Ikebana,” which could be translated literally as “Give out the joy of being alive via ikebana.”


The Group Leader, Mrs Yumiko Shimada stated that “I was pleased very much that my students were so delighted and that their motivation for ikebana had increased. Our activities had been restrained since March, and we had been spending frustrating days in which things had not worked out as intended. In such situations, I have realized again that flowers can so brighten up our lives.”


If you are interested in learning ikebana outside Japan, please contact: intevent@ikenobo.jp