First Ikebana of the Year

Jan 6, 2021First Ikebana of the Year

The Hatsuike ceremony, the ceremony to create the first ikebana of the year, was held on January 5, 2021.


Many Ikenobo disciples from all over Japan attend this ceremony every year, the number of attendees has reduced to prevent the spread of covid-19 diseases this year.


Young ladies wearing kimono prayed for their improvement in ikebana at the Rokkakudo temple, the birthplace of ikebana, then created their first ikebana of the year. The Headmaster Designate Senko Ikenobo created a Rikka Shimputai work using nandina, Spiraea thunbergia and narcissus. The Headmaster Designate stated “the name of nandina sound same with the phrase of ‘turn misfortune into fortune’ in Japanese, so I created this work with the wishes for us to turn difficulties into a bright year. “


If you are interested in learning ikebana please contact: intevent@ikenobo.jp