Ikenobo Spring Exhibition 2021

Jan 29, 2021Ikenobo Spring Exhibition 2021

Ikenobo Spring Exhibition 2021 will be held from March 19 to March 22, 2021.

Ikenobo have been hand down the heart and technique of ikebana, one of the culture representing Japan, and Ikenobo Central Institute of Ikebana is the higher educational institute of Ikenobo. In Ikenobo Spring Exhibition, about 800 ikebana works created by students who are learning or graduate the institute will be exhibited.

Please come and enjoy Ikenobo Spring Exhibition 2021.


Venue Rokkakudo Temple and Ikenobo Headquarters Building, Kyoto
Date March 19-22, 2021
Time 19th (Fri) 10:00am - 17:00pm
20th (Sat) 10:00am - 16:00pm
21th (Sun) 10:00am - 17:00pm
22th (Mon) 10:00am - 16:00pm
Access One minute walk from Exit 5 at the Karasumaoike station (Hankyu)
Five minutes walk from the Shijo station (Subway) or the Karasuma station (Hankyu)
Ticket Adult: 800 Yen per person
*free for children under 18
Event① Ikebana Exhibition at Rokkakudo Temple
Ikebana Works by the Headmaster Designate and Assistant Instructors will be exhibited at the temple.
Date: 19th (Fri) to 22th (Mon) 6:00am - 17:00pm
Fees: Free
Event② Ikebana Competition of students leaning at Special Advanced Course of Ikenobo Central Institute of Ikebana.
Students and graduates of Ikenobo Central Institute of Ikebana will vote for the favorite work. Wait and see who will win the competition!
Date: The vote will be made at the first day of each term, and prize winner will be announced very next day.
Venue: 4th floor of Ikenobo Headquarters Building

Important Notice ① Events below will not to be held this year.
・Night visit of Rokkakudo Temple
・Hana-Kuyo (memorial service for flowers) and Hana-gyoretsu (flower parade)
② There will be no exhibit at 7th floor of the WEST18 building.
To prevent the spread of COVID-19 We ask all visitor to cooperate with body temperature checks and use hand sanitizer.
Please wear a face mask when you are in the venue.
In order to avoid the three Cs, we may have regulation on the number of entry etc.
Please kindly follow the instruction of the staff.
Contact Ikenobo Kyomuka Department
Tel: 075-221-4550
mail: chuken@ikenobo.jp