Prayer with flowers, offered at Kanda-Myojin Shrine, Tokyo

Feb 3, 2021Prayer with flowers, offered at Kanda-Myojin Shrine, Tokyo

With the prayer for the early end of Covid-19 crisis, members of the Youth Group of Chapters and Groups in Tokyo offered flower at Kanda-Myojin Shrine, Tokyo, on January 30 and 31.

The work was offered to bring hope, dream for worshippers and to cheer them up.

A traditional Japanese style work using pine, bamboo, plum, camellia, willow, chrysanthemum and sarcandra glabra was offered as if surrounding the dragon god on the center of the chozuya (a Shinto water ablution pavilion).

The bright and gorgeous works using flowers from Western countries such as Gloriosa, delphinium, Oncidium (orchid) and lily were decorated on both side of the chozuya.

Ms. Akemi Matsumoto, the Representative of Youth Group stated that it is pleasure if their work could cheer viewers up. The work is available to see from February 1 to 4.