Grand Ikebana using calla lily, Kyoto Station, Kyoto

Feb 19, 2021Grand Ikebana using calla lily, Kyoto Station, Kyoto

You can now enjoy a large free style work at JR West Entrance, Kyoto Station. Calla lily grown in Joyo city, Kyoto are mainly used in the composition.

This ikebana work was created as a part of project by 京都府花き振興ネットワーク, the theme under the project is “a tale of flowers of Kyoto.” The work was created by Mr. Daiji Miura, an assistant instructor at Ikenobo Central Institute of Ikebana.

I wanted to show bright spring flower to commuters using the station during this challenging time. The flower word of calla lily is “pure and clean.” I aim to express this image in my composition, and present a rainbow across the sky by using mizuhiki (ornamental cord). I hope my work will bring hope and brightness to the viewer; Mr. Miura stated.

Other than calla, flowers of spring such as Forsythia, cherry blossom and sweet pea are used in the composition. Please find a sign of spring over a cold winter in Kyoto.

The work will be display till February 24, 2021.