Ikebana work by the Headmaster Designate displayed at The Kyoto Congress

Mar 17, 2021Ikebana work by the Headmaster Designate displayed at The Kyoto Congress

The 14th UN Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, The Kyoto Congress, was held at Kyoto International Conference Center on March 7 to 12, 2021. The Headmaster Designate of Ikenobo, Senko Ikenobo displayed ikebana work on the stage of Main Hall and lobby of the Conference Center.


It was first time in fifty year that the congress to be held in Kyoto, and Ikenobo was offered to display ikebana work to show hospitality to guests.

A Rikka shimputai work using cherry blossom and pine which are the motif plants of The Kyoto Congress, was displayed on the Main Hall stage.

A grand Free Style work using bamboo, cherry blossom and Oncidium (orchid) was displayed at the lobby of Conference Center to welcome guests with ikebana, traditional culture of Japan.

Yoko Kamikawa, the Minister of Justice observed ikebana works after it completed. The Headmaster Designate stated; We use many kinds of plants in an ikebana work. We cherish characteristic of each plant and make the best use of them while let them to be complementary to each other. We create a harmonized and peaceful world in an ikebana work. For example, pine used for the work is a symbol of eternal prosperity. Cherry blossom is a flower representing Japan. I would like to express beauty of seasonality which is contrast but also harmony of changing time. I arranged plants to express the idea of ikebana which is to make a happy society where we human respect each other, help each other, accept difference, and everyone live alive for The Kyoto Congress.