Meet Ikenobo Across the Globe #1 Ikenobo New York City Chapter

Aug 20, 2021Meet Ikenobo Across the Globe #1 Ikenobo New York City Chapter

Ikebana is a traditional art of Japan, with Ikenobo as the origin of ikebana. If you only consider ikebana as a Japanese art, it may surprise you to learn that Ikenobo has 127 Chapters and Study Groups in over 33 countries


In this new series, we would like to introduce our many Chapters and Study Groups who love, learn and practice Ikenobo ikebana with passion. We hope you will enjoy reading this series – as if you are traveling around the world with us!


The first Chapter we will introduce is the Ikenobo New York City Chapter which is located on the most populated city of the United States of America. Mr. Noritaka Noda, the Chapter President, introduces the Chapter to us.

Q: What is New York City like?

A: New York City is a big city that has the power to influence world politics, economy, culture, fashion, and entertainment. In the city, you can hear more than 170 languages, and 36% of its population born overseas. The city is also referred to as the melting pot of races. In the New York City, you can enjoy cuisines from all over the world. New York is famous for New York-style pizza.

Q: Please introduce Ikenobo New York City Chapter.


A: The Ikenobo New York City Chapter was established in August 1986 by Ms. Kishiko Narayanan, the former president.


Other than regular classes, we hold an annual meeting. The annual meeting includes the ceremony of presenting diploma certificates to recipients, a flower exhibition, a demonstration of ikebana, and also delicious lunch together.

Q: What kind of floral materials are available in New York City?


A: When you hear the name New York, I think the first thing you imagine is skyscrapers. However, we do have many beautiful local floral materials in the city. In New York, the shell of bittersweet is bright yellow compared to those grown in Japan.

Professors from Japan are sometime surprised how bright the shells are.

It is well known that cherry blossom trees in Washington D.C. were the gift from Japan, but not many people know that flowering dogwood grown in New York were presented in return from USA.  In spring, you can enjoy beautiful flowering dogwood everywhere around the city.


Q: What kind of activities you are thinking to hold in the future?


A: We are holding a class for children now, but I would like to promote ikebana at school similar to how Ikenobo does this in Japan. I wish more children will have an opportunity to know and learn about ikebana.


If you wish to learn more about Ikenobo New York City Chapter, please access the Chapter’s Website.


This time we have introduced the Ikenobo New York City Chapter from United States of America. Next time, we will introduce another Chapter or Study Group from different country. We hope are looking forward to share this with you.