Meet Ikenobo Across the Globe #5 Ikenobo Xingmei Chapter

Dec 3, 2021Meet Ikenobo Across the Globe #5 Ikenobo Xingmei Chapter

In this series, we are introducing our many Chapters and Study Groups who love, learn and practice Ikenobo ikebana with passion. The 5th Chapter we will introduce is Ikenobo Xingmei Chapter located in Taiwan.


Q: Please teach us about Zhanghua Prefecture

A: Zhanghua Prefecture is where our chapter located, is in the middle of Taiwan, on the west side of Bagua mountains. This area is closed to mountains as well as seas, the weathers are confutable throughout the year. Good place to live. There are many sightseeing spots in the area such as the statute of Budda at Bagua mountain, Lugang (the old town) and Tianwei Highway Garden.

  • The Street of Lugang
  • the statute of Budda at Bagua mountain

Q: Please teach us about Xingmei Chapter

A: Xingmei Chapter was founded by Mrs. Xingzhi Wen at Keelung City in 1983. She has a Japanese nationality. Now, the chapter members are expanding not only in Keelung City but also at Taipei city, Taichung City, Kaohsiung City, and other areas of Taiwan. Mrs. Ruizhi Xie took up a Chapter President in 2004, and Mr. Nengheng Shi, the current Chapter President, took up his role from 2007.


The Chapter hold Active Teacher meetings and exams for diploma promotion annually. This gives a great opportunity for members to study ikebana while discussing with others. Moreover, the Chapter encourage members to attend Special Member Workshop in Taiwan and Special Workshops. The Chapter also hold workshop inviting Professors from Japan for Chapter Members and ask those who attend classes of Ikenobo Central Institute of Ikebana in Kyoto to hold workshop to share what they have studied at the Headquarters. Holding these workshops enable chapter members to learn the latest techniques as well as to get to know each other very well.

  • The exam for diploma promotion
  • The workshop of Rikka Shimputai

A: What is the most unforgettable event for the Chapter?

Q: During the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exhibition, Ikenobo Taiwan Exhibition was held at the same venue of the Exhibition. Before the Exhibition, Xingmei Chapter held Reishiki-ike at Taipei 101 building. The event was covered by many local medias such as TV stations and newspaper companies and received favorable comments. Those events during the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exhibition are unforgettable for the Chapter members.

Q: What kind of floral materials are available in Taiwan?

A: At Tianwei Highway Garden, you can enjoy many kinds of flowers and plants which is the largest number in Taiwan and so the garden is called “Home of flowers.” This garden is also famous for producing flowers and a popular sightseeing spot.


Q: Did the Chapter hold activities during the challenging pandemic?

A: Some teachers keep holding classes during the pandemic. Moreover, we have held mini exhibitions and free ikebana lessons for public during the pandemic. Of course, some teachers could not hold classes due to Covid-19, however holding mini exhibitions were enable us to encourage members and also received good reputation from visitors.

Q: What is the future plan of the chapter?

A: The chapter encourage young members to obtain higher diplomas and teach ikebana at local schools. Moreover, we are planning to hold mini exhibition at many areas to make people in Taiwan to know ikebana more.


Official Website: Xingmei Chapter


This time we have introduced the Ikenobo Xingmei Chapter from Taiwan. Next time we will introduce another Chapter or Study Group from different country. We hope are looking forward to share this with you.