2022 Ikenobo Autumn Tanabata Exhibition

Oct 13, 20222022 Ikenobo Autumn Tanabata Exhibition

Ikenobo Headquarters and Ikenobo Society of Floral Art will hold 2022 Ikenobo Autumn Tanabada Exhibition which is the largest and oldest Exhibition from Edo era(1603-1868).


In the Exhibition, the Headmaster Sen’ei Ikenobo, Headmaster Designate Senko Ikenobo and Ikenobo disciples from all over Japan will display around 900 ikebana arrangements.


The theme of the 2022 Autumn Tanabata Exhibition is “Unconstrained Beauty.”

We have experienced an inconceivable confusion, caused by the global pandemic of COVID-19. The experience encouraged us to break free from our old selves, rather than going back to the way we were. At the exhibition, the Ikenobo practitioners will pursue “Unconstrained Beauty,” the new ikebana expression that arose from and was nurtured by the experience.



Since the Heian Period (8th century), flower arranging has been one of the events of the Tanabata or Star Festival celebration, held annually on the seventh night of the seventh lunar month. In the early Edo period (17th century) Headmaster Senko Ikenobo II was often invited to the rikka gatherings held by Emperor Gomizuno-o at the Imperial Court. Subsequently, special permission was granted to Ikenobo by the Emperor to hold the Tanabata Rikka-kai (Tanabata Rikka Gathering) and the event became one of the well-known annual events in Kyoto. Due to the abolition of Gosekku (five seasonal festivals on the lunar calendar) in the Meiji Period, the Tanabata Rikka Gathering was renamed as Kyutanabata-e (meaning “ancient Tanabata-e”). Since then the event has been held continuously although there have been changes in the exhibition period.


Highlights of the Exhibition


➤ Iemoto Dojo

The works created by the Headmaster Sen’ei Ikenobo, the Headmaster Designate Senko Ikenobo, and Ikenobo Youth Group representative Mika Ikenobo, Senshu Ikenobo will be exhibited at the Iemoto Dojo (1st floor). Works created by professors will also be exhibited. You can enjoy some of the masterpieces of Ikenobo at the Iemoto Dojo.


➤ Ikenobo Headquarters Building (4th floor ~8th floor)

Selected works of students attending Advanced Courses, and selected works of students attending the Special Advanced Course at Ikenobo Central Institute of Ikebana will be exhibited at Ikenobo Headquarters Building.  An inter chapter ikebana contest will be held during the second term Exhibition (4th and 5th floors).


➤WEST 18

The exhibition held at WEST18 (7th floor) is entitled “Inspired by Flowers,” and only free style works (small or medium size) will be exhibited. Works created by Assistant Instructors and Special Contract Instructors will also be exhibited at this venue.

Ikenoob Headquarters Building
9th – 14th November 2022
Open Hour 10:00~17:00 (Last entry is at 16:30)

〈The 1st Term〉
9th November ・ 10th November

〈The 2nd Term〉
11th November ・ 12th November

〈The 3rd Term〉
13th November ・ 14th November
Entry Fees ¥1,000 (tax included)
*Free for children below high school age.
Access Subway – Karasuma Oike (Exit 5) walk for 1 minute

Kyoto City Bus – Karasuma Sanjo walk for 2 minutes

Hankyu Railways – Karasuma (Exit 21) walk for 5 minutes
Preventing the spread of
・Visitors cannot enter the venue if they don’t feel well.

・Visitors must wear masks, use hand sanitizer and keep social distance while visiting the Exhibition.

・We will check the body temperatures of all visitors at the entrance of the venue.

* According to how crowded the venue is, we will limit the number of people that can enter the venue.
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