Ikenobo Colorado Chapter Grand Exhibition

Oct 13, 2022Ikenobo Colorado Chapter Grand Exhibition

Kachou fuugetsu

Japanese Flower Exhibition

Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon –花鳥風月

The Colorado Chapter of Ikenobo presented over 40 arrangements with Japanese scrolls on September 24 and 25. On a beautiful fall weekend the show had a record turnout and the demonstration had over 80 attendees.  The Colorado members were very happy to bring this major cultural outreach event to the people of Colorado.


Kachou Fuugetsu (花鳥風月) is a Japanese concept that means to discover yourself when experiencing nature. Literally, Kachou Fuugetsu means “Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon.”  This ancient Japanese philosophy and proverb stems from Fuushi Kaden in the 1400’s. It is considered to be one of the major concepts in Japanese aesthetics and thoughts on beauty and art.  

Find yourself in the beauty of Ikenobo Japanese Flower arrangements featuring major flower works and Edo period Kakejiku scrolls with birds and moons.