2023 Ikenobo Hatsuike Ceremony (the first ikebana arranging for a year)

Jan 5, 20232023 Ikenobo Hatsuike Ceremony (the first ikebana arranging for a year)

Hatsuike Ceremony was held at Ikenobo Headquarters, Kyoto, Japan on January 5, 2023. About 700 Ikenobo disciples came from all over Japan and overseas gathered and arranged their first ikebana of a year at Iemoto Dojo (the training hall next to the Rokkakudo temple), the Headquarters building this year.

From 8:30AM, young disciples arranged their first ikebana work at Iemoto Dojo. They, first, offered prayers at the Rokkakudo Temple and prayed their future improvement of ikebana

The Headmaster designate used red willows, phalaenopsis, heliconie, and gleichenia fern for her first work, Shoka Shimputai. After she completed her work, the Headmaster designate and young disciples took a pledge to devote themselves to ikebana for this year as well, and close the ceremony.

The 45th Headmaster Sen’ei Ikenobo, the Headmaster designate, the Representative of Youth Group Mika Ikenobo and the Secretary General Masafumi Ikenobo observed works displayed at the second floor of Iemoto Dojo, the Headquarters building and exchange new year greetings with disciples.


The work by the Headmaster



Title: Hope

Floral Pattern: Shoka Shimputai


I used the two kinds of plants, pine and Japanese plum, both which are considered auspicious and thus represent the New Year. Young branches of Japanese plum grow ramrod-straight. Like these branches, I am willing to stay positive and keep going forward.”



The work by the Headmaster designate


Title: Connection

Floral Pattern: Shoka Shimputai


Our lives are restored from the pandemic and the war in the past few years, so I wish this year will be a peaceful year.