Is it possible to visit the IKENOBO Headquarters?

We are happy to welcome visitors, but we request that you let us know in advance about your plans. Please contact us before your visit, by e-mail, fax, or telephone. If at all possible, a staff member will be with you during your visit to help answer questions. The Headquarters is open Monday through Friday, from 9 A.M. until 5 P.M. Please note that we are closed on Saturday, Sunday, on Japanese national holidays, during the New Year recess (end of December through January 4th), and during the Buddhist holidays in mid-August.
We will be happy to guide visitors through the Ikebana History Museum and our ikebana supply store.

Does IKENOBO have exhibitions open to the public?

There are three main exhibitions at the Kyoto Headquarters each year open to the public.
1. The Hatsuike ceremony and exhibition is held each year on January 5th. There is no charge to view this exhibit, but we ask that you let us know in advance (by the third week in December) about your wishes to view the exhibition.
2. The Spring Student Exhibition is held each year in April. Please contact us for the latest information concerning exhibition dates. There is an admission charge and tickets can be purchased at the entrance.
3. The Autumn Exhibition is held in November every year, and features arrangements by Ikenobo members from throughout Japan. Please contact us for the latest information concerning exhibition dates. There is an admission charge and tickets can be purchased at the entrance.
In addition to the Headquarters exhibitions above, a large number of regional exhibitions, and local chapter exhibitions, are held throughout the year. Please let us know the dates and cities you plan to visit, and we will be happy to let you know about scheduled Ikenobo exhibitions in those areas. (There is an admission charge at some exhibitions, and tickets can be purchased at the entrance.)

Can I study at the IKENOBO Headquarters?

Classes at the Headquarters are open to all those who have already begun Ikenobo study with a teacher in their own home country, and who have received at least four Ikenobo diplomas. If you wish to begin study in your home country, please refer to the Chapters & Groups information or contact us for help in locating the teacher nearest to your home.
If you are an Ikenobo member planning to visit Ikenobo Headquarters in Kyoto for study, we request that you bring with you a brief letter of introduction from your Ikenobo Chapter President.
Please note that we are unfortunately not able to offer introductory lessons to visitors at the Ikenobo Headquarters in Kyoto.
If you are new to ikebana and are planning a long-term visit to Japan, please contact us concerning the possibilities for beginning your study of Ikenobo ikebana while you are in Japan.
If you wish to experience ikebana in Kyoto, please join our trial lesson for Visitors. For the detail please click here.

Can I become a member of IKENOBO?

One takes the first step toward becoming an Ikenobo member by first talking with a qualified Ikenobo teacher in your home country, and deciding to study with that teacher. The diplomas you receive from your teacher mark your progress and are evidence of your being an Ikenobo student and member.
Continuing study of Ikenobo with a qualified teacher is the only way to become an Ikenobo member. Ikenobo does not offer courses by correspondence or video.

How can I become a teacher? How long does it take?

Just as music or painting is a life-long study, the study of ikebana is never finished. Although Ikenobo diplomas indicate your continuing progress in Ikenobo, your own teacher (based on the standards set by each local Ikenobo Chapter) is the only person who can give you permission to begin teaching your own students. The time required to become a teacher thus depends both on the diligence of your own study, and your teacher's evaluation of your progress. There is thus great variation in the time required even among students of the same teacher.

How can I order ikebana supplies, books, and magazines?

Please let us know your wishes, and we will be happy to discuss the purchase and shipping of ikebana supplies. Direct inquiries by e-mail to the Ikenobo store, and purchase from abroad via credit card are now possible. Please contact us for details.
Purchase of supplies and publications is not limited to Ikenobo members.

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