Appreciation of Senko Rikka: A must-have textbook for learning classical rikka

Jul 9, 2020Appreciation of Senko Rikka: A must-have textbook for learning classical rikka

“Appreciation of Senko Rikka”, the collection of 93 drawings of rikka, designated as Important Cultural Property was published from Nihon Kadosha.

*Please note “Appreciation of Senko Rikka” is written in Japanese. 


Rikka is the oldest style of ikebana and was refined by Senko Ikenobo II, 32th Headmaster. In those days, rikka was very popular among the court, and heavily loved by Emperor Gomizuno-o and Court nobles. 


Rikka-no-shidai Kyujusanpei-ari”, collection of drawings of rikka by Senko Ikenobo II was compiled as the models of the art. The drawings in this collection have a lively expression and led to the later development of rikka. 


And, highly valued historically and culturally, “Rikka-no-shidai Kyujusanpei-ari” was designated as Important Cultural Property in 1973. In this book, the present Headmaster Sen’ei Ikenobo explains in detail all the works of the “Rikka-no-shidai Kyujusanpei-ari”. You can learn the peculiar sashikuchi (the position of the cut stems of floral materials placed in the vase) and structure of yakueda which are different from the present rikka. 



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