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Ikebana originated with Ikenobo,beginning in Kyoto, Japan, as a Buddhist floral offering. Passed down through generations of the Ikenobo family and from teacher to student, Ikenobo has spread throughout Japan and around the world. We invite you to begin by contacting an Ikenobo teacher. Discovery and enjoyment await as Ikenobo's principles suggest new possibility in the beauty of floral material in your own country. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

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Ikenobo Indonesia Chapter’s events with Visiting Professor

  Indonesia, Ikenobo Indonesia Chapter

Ikenobo Bangkok Chapter’s 25th Anniversary

  Thailand, Ikenobo Bangkok Chapter

Ikenobo Texas Chapter’s 50th Anniversary

  United States, Ikenobo Texas Chapter

Ikenobo Diploma Awarding Ceremony & Ikebana Demonstration in Karachi

  Pakistan, Ikenobo Karachi Study Group

Exhibition, Demonstration and Workshop of Ikenobo Pune Chapter

  India, Ikenobo Pune Chapter

38th Anniversary of Ikenobo San Diego Chapter

  United States, Ikenobo San Diego Chapter

25th Anniversary of Surrey Ikenobo Group U.K.

  United Kingdom, Surrey Ikenobo Group U.K.

Ikenobo Hana no Wa London Study Group’s workshop with Visiting Professor

  United Kingdom, Ikenobo Hana no Wa London Study Group

Ikenobo South America Chapter Exhibition

  Brazil, Ikenobo Ikenobo South America Chapter

Ikenobo Germany West Tachibana Kadokai Chapter Exhibition

  Germany, Ikenobo Germany West Tachibana Kadokai Chapter

Ikenobo Queensland Chapter’s events with Visiting Professor

  Australia, Ikenobo Queensland Chapter

Ikenobo Exhibition in Belgium

  Belgium, Ikenobo Belgium Study Group

Ikenobo Kogiku Chapter Seminar

  Taiwan, Ikenobo Kogiku Chapter

Ikenobo Exhibition in Madrid

  Spain, Ikenobo Madrid Chapter

Ikenobo Hong Kong Chapter at Hong Kong Flower Show 2014

  Hong Kong, Ikenobo Hong Kong Chapter

Ikenobo Geneva Study Group Exhibition

  Switzerland, Ikenobo Geneva Study Group

Ikenobo Naples Florida Chapter’s Workshop on Cape Cod

  United States, Ikenobo Naples Florida Chapter

35th Anniversary of Ikenobo Vancouver Chapter

  Canada, Ikenobo Vancouver Chapter

10th Anniversary of Ikenobo Anchorage Alaska Chapter

  United States, Ikenobo Anchorage Alaska Chapter

50th Anniversary of Ikenobo Toronto Chapter

  Canada, Ikenobo Toronto Chapter

Ikenobo Manila Chapter’s 30th Anniversary

  Philippines, Ikenobo Manila Chapter

Ikenobo London Chapter workshop and demonstration

  United Kingdom, Ikenobo London Chapter

Ikenobo Holland Chapter workshop and demonstration

  Netherlands, Ikenobo Holland Chapter

Ikenobo Swiss Central Chapter Study Tour 2011

  Switzerland, Ikenobo Swiss Central Chapter